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              Maron Metering Machinary

              High Pressure
              Polyurethane Foaming Machine 

              Maron has keep developing the design of PU Metering machinary to satisfy
              the most complex production requirements for more than 20 years. The experience developed over the years brought Maron to a leading position in the market; the continuous research keeps the company ahead. The Maron foaming machine comprises configurable modules for wide range outputs with top metering pumps,  great mixing head and intelligent control system. High precision, temperature control, wide range output, together with different possible ratios and compositions guarantee the best performance
               of the Maron dosing units. Easy to program, operate and maintain, Maron high-pressure metering machines are the right solution. Over the years, Maron has provide our customers with reliable PU metering machine and aftersale service. Help our clients to improve production quality and effeciency.
              Different series of the Maron foaming machines:

              · PU High-pressure foaming machine
              (H Series-10/20/40/60/100/200/300)
              · Cyclopentane High-pressure foaming machine
              (C5H Series-10/20/40/60/100/200/300)
              · High precision small flow foaming machie
                (M Series-15 g/s至150g/s)

              成都航發maron馬隆 液壓站 聚氨酯發泡機環戊烷發泡機高壓發泡機
              成都航發maron馬隆 冷水機組 聚氨酯發泡機環戊烷發泡機高壓發泡機
              成都航發maron馬隆 控制柜 聚氨酯發泡機環戊烷發泡機高壓發泡機
              成都航發maron馬隆 黑料罐 ISO料罐  聚氨酯發泡機環戊烷發泡機高壓發泡機
              成都航發maron馬隆 冷水機組 聚氨酯發泡機環戊烷發泡機高壓發泡機
              C5 Foaming Machine

              Intelligent Electrical Control

              Explosion Proof & Safe

              Cyclopentane monitoring alarm system
              Intelligent ventilation system

              Modular design
              Easy maintenance
              Compatible with spare parts of mainstream company

              Perfect Sealing

              Efficient Mixing Head

              Double Tilted Injection for mixing
              Self-cleaning, prevent being jammed
              Transition section, prevent being polluted


              High reliability

              Risk Warning System

              High Compatibility

              Siemens Profinet field network structure
              Network bus connection simplifies the layout
              Reduce cable wear and improve stability

              成都航發maron馬隆 POL組合料罐 組合聚醚 白料罐 聚氨酯發泡機環戊烷發泡機高壓發泡機

              Precise Metering

              Close-loop control, high precision flow control
              Precise material temperature control, reduce
              the effect of temperature difference on foaming
              Pressure detection at both ends

              Multiple warning systems: flow, temperature, material ratio, pressure etc.
              Error log and operation log will be saved for 60 days and can be monitored online


              Mutual backup design, some component
              failures do not affect production, manufacturers do not need to stop work

              Magnetic coupling
              Save raw material

              · Chief drafter of the PU China machinery industry standard
              · 22-year machine technology accumulation
              · Top technicians from German, China and United States of America

              Technology Leading


              · Invited by UNDP to share foaming machine technology
              · CO2 water spray foaming specialist team member
              · HCFC alternative technology supplier
              · Manufacturer of cyclopentane(C5) foaming machine



              · Service has covered different nations and areas 
              · Local service team, prompt response 
              · Online remote monitoring and maintenance of foaming machine


              · Customized design & manufacture
              · Match specific need of clients
              · Help clients to save money


              Product Picture
              環戊烷發泡機 聚氨酯發泡機 成都航發 maron 高壓發泡機 環戊烷高壓發泡機

               Foaming Machine

              發泡機發泡頭 發泡槍 發泡頭 槍頭 發泡機混合頭 混合頭 環戊烷發泡機 聚氨酯發泡機 成都航發 maron 高壓發泡機 環戊烷高壓發泡機

              Water Heater Line

              Automotive Interior 

              Panel Line


              Spare Parts 

               Mixing Head

              Refrigerator Line

              Insulation Pipe Line

              Other Maron Products

              Specialist who has
              focused on the design
              and manufacture of
              PU Foaming Machine
              for more than 20 years

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              Address:Checheng West 4th Road,
                               Longquan District, Chengdu, China
              Telephone:+86 18682555063 (English)
                                  +86 13908234872 (English)
                                  +86 028 82005066(English)

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