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              Mixing Head

              Mixing Head

              Maron has constantly focused on design, development and manufacture of high-pressure mixing heads for more than 20 years. Mixing head technology is one of the key factors that ensures high-quality and efficient polyurethane foaming. The design and manufacture of mixing head requires a great deal of expertise and many years of experience.
              Maron has a series of mixing heads which can be used in different specific application, including refrigeration, panels
              and interior automotive. Our mixing heads have been delivered to China,India,Malaysia,Pakistan,Vietnam,Turkey,Egypt
              and Ethiopia.

              Maron mixing heads are also very easy to maintain due to the self-cleaning piston. Our control system, mechanical
              design and high quality  manufacture requirements of mixing heads ensure consistent mixing effect. It is also the reason why many leading PU product manufacturer prefer mixing heads from Maron. 

              High quality mixing effect with competitive cost

              500k shots without error
              1 year guarantee


              Self-cleaning Piston, prevent being jammed


              High quality mixing

              Double Tilted Injection for C5 mixing
              Adjustable mixing chamber to improve the mixing efficiency


              Prevent being polluted

              Design of transition section 

              Maron Mixing Head

              Focus on mixing head design for 20 years

              Prevent being jammed

              Software control system
              Mechanical design

              Special design for different application



              Field Picture

              環戊烷發泡機 聚氨酯發泡機 成都航發 maron 高壓發泡機 環戊烷高壓發泡機

               Foaming Machine

              發泡機發泡頭 發泡槍 發泡頭 槍頭 發泡機混合頭 混合頭 環戊烷發泡機 聚氨酯發泡機 成都航發 maron 高壓發泡機 環戊烷高壓發泡機

              Water Heater Line

              Automotive Interior 

              Panel Line


              Spare Parts 

               Mixing Head

              Refrigerator Line

              Insulation Pipe Line

              Other Maron Products

              Specialist who has
              focused on the design
              and manufacture of
              PU Foaming Machine
              for more than 20 years

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                               Longquan District, Chengdu, China
              Telephone:+86 18682555063 (English)
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                                  +86 028 82005066(English)

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